PMS users only

You can schedule any of your template emails to be automatically sent by iBex X number of days after a guest has made a booking, X number of days before arrival, or X number of days after departure.

This is a great feature to send a final payment request, provide instructions on check in procedure, follow up with a guest survey after departure, etc.

Important Note: Any scheduled emails are sent at 17 minutes past the hour so if it is set to be sent a day before arrival, iBex will send the email at 17 minutes past their estimated arrival time (or standard check in time if there is no eta entered in the booking).


  • Select Email Scheduler (in the Users & Clients section in the menu)
  • At Selected Rule field select Add New (if adding a new rule) or select an existing rule to edit.
  • Check Rule Active field to activate
  • At the Rule Name field enter a descriptive name that tells you what the scheduled email is. This is not seen by your guests so set something obvious to you so that you know what the email is (for example, use the same name as the template name).
  • Select from Rule type as required. Options are:
    - Send an email after guest’s departure,
    - Send an email before a guest’s arrival,
    - Send an email after the guest has made a booking.
  • At Email To field, tick the option that you want the email sent to whether the Customer, the Property and/or complete the Other field to send the email to another address.
  • At Use Email Template select the email template that you want sent.
  • Depending on the selection that you made in the Rule Type field will determine when iBex will send the email whether a specific number of Days After Departure, Days Before Arrival, or Days After Booking. Enter the number of days as required.
  • If you selected 'Send an email after a guest has made a booking' as the Rule Type, you will be presented with the field Applies to Bookings. You can select one or all of the Confirmed, Request, Enquiry, and Cancelled options as required.
  • Click the Save button.