Holiday Houses Calendar Sync Setup Instructions

The integration provides the ability to sync iBex room availability with Holiday Houses via their calendar import facility which accepts a url that provides availability data using the iCal format.

The limitation of Holiday Houses calendar is that the only information that is accepted is the availability status ie available or blocked (unavailable). This means that detailed data like unit counts, rates/prices and booking information are not transmitted through the connection.

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Important Notes

1. Holiday Houses supports a one-way connection using the iCalendar format. As as result the new interface will only keep Holiday Houses calendar updated up to 360 days into the future. Unfortunately this API will not update rates and MinStays requirements, so you still have to set manually these inside your Holiday Houses account.

2. Each iBex room type is to represented by a listing on Holiday Houses.

3. Holiday Houses syncs availability from iBex every 30 minutes so availability changes in iBex won’t be instantly updated on Holiday Houses.

4. If the connection in iBex is deleted and a new one created, Holiday Houses has to be updated with new urls since the data in the urls have changed with the new connection.

5. Reservation made through Holiday Houses will not be feed through to iBex. As a result any bookings you receive through Holiday Houses will not update your availability in iBex unless the booking is entered manually.