If you have an account set up with Welman Webrooms, you can connect it to your iBex Channel Manager so that any rates and room availability are automatically updated by your iBex system. In return, any bookings made at Welman Webrooms will also be automatically updated in your iBex system.
PMS users
All Bookings will automatically be allocated a unit in accordance with what order you have set your units to be sold in iBex, and will show on your Bookings Calendar.
If you're not already signed up with Welman Webrooms, please click here and complete the details required. They will get back in touch.

Set up the connection yourself FREE OF CHARGE using our self help instructions below.

Note: If you would like Seekom support to make the connection for you, a charge of $85 per hour (+tax) will apply with a minimum charge of $50 (+tax).

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  1. In order for the 2 systems to be connected the property will have to form a relationship with Welman by contacting them directly – click here to contact.
  2. Once the login details to their Webrooms application have been provided, the rooms and rates will need to be set up. Its important to match Webrooms room capacities with iBex so that bookings are correct. The settings can be found in the Room Capacities page.
  3. A few of the settings on the Rate Defaults page can be ignored. Please see the Additional Information section about rate.
  4. You can check the daily rates and availability in the Worksheet page.
  5. When the property is ready for connection, go to the Connections page and select iBex as Channel Manager and also the PMS Provider if its the same. Its purely informational for Welman to troubleshoot the connection. (For eg an OLP account connected to Motel Mate will select Motel Mate as their PMS). Save the settings.
  6. The interface credentials (highlighted in the image below) are needed for the mapping page in iBex will then be available on the same page under the section Inventory Source Mapping and Connection Health. (You can forward that information to any email address by clicking on the Email button below it.)
Step Action
1 Log in to you iBex account – click here
2 Click on Add A Sales Channel in the iBex menu.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.43.55 PM
3 Click on the green Plus symbol for the Welman Webrooms sales channel.
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.45.05 PM
4 Choose the selling group for the rates you wish to send to the Welman and click Register Sales Channel.
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.52.22 PM
Click on the Channel Mapping tab for the sales channel, enter the Channel Operator ID and Password you have received when you registered with Welman Webrooms and click Save.
The channel connection will refresh with a Table where you can complete the iBex room/rate mappings.
7 Complete the mapping to match your iBex room names with the room types you have created in your Welman Webrooms account.Select the iBex rate that you wish to send for each room type and click Save & Update Channel.

8  Click on View Log and wait for the channel updates to go through to ensure there are no errors.

Availability Linking

Rooms that are linked to another room are not supported in the interface. In the Room Types page you can see if a room is linked to another if there is a chain symbol next to the room name. To change this setting click Edit for the room type.


Once you are on the Room Type Settings page scroll down to Availability Linking section and select “Manage Availability via PMS, worksheet or Channel Manager” and save.


Rate Defaults

Go to Room Types page and select the Rate Defaults tab. The settings highlighted below are updated by iBex so the values can be left at zero. (i.e. Base Rate, Max Guests At Base Rate, Extra Adult Rate, and Child Rate.)


Limitation Defaults

Go to Room Types page and select the Limitation Defaults tab. Only the Minimum Stay and Stop Sell values are controlled by iBex, as highlighted below, so these can be left at zero.


iBex sends child rates and will override any default settings in Webrooms. If there is no child rate set in iBex, then 0 will always be sent. If you want to sell child rates at the same price as adult rates, then you can set the Max Children to 0 on the Room Types page in Webrooms.