Setting Up A Reporting Group

In your iBex account, find the page Search Extras (under the heading Extras in iBex menu).
Select an existing discount extra that you already have set up in the Select Extra drop-down box.
Towards the bottom of the page, underneath the Report Groups subheading, click on the blue hyper-link Add/Edit Group.
In the new window, you can type the Title of your new group (eg “Discounts“).
Then Save and Exit.

When your page reloads, you can now enable your extra to the new reporting group you have created, then Save.

Scroll to the top of your Manage Extras page, and select the next discount extra from your Select Extra drop-down box.
Repeat by enabling this extra on your new reporting group, and Save.
*Repeat for as many extras that need to be enabled for this new reporting group.



Running the Sales Report

You can then use the Sales Report (under the Finance heading in iBex menu) to run reports for this new group.
Select the necessary Date Type that you are filtering bookings for (arrival dates, date of confirmation, etc) and adjust date range as necessary.
Select the new reporting group from your Extra Group drop-down filter, and Search: