Any booking can have multiple payments by simply taking the appropriate payment from each party and adding the individual payments into the booking separately. You can then provide a payment receipt if required.

If any customer wants their own invoice for their part of the booking, simply adding separate payments will not work unless each customer stayed in their own room as you can only create an invoice for individual booking items as no single booking item can be split for an invoice.

In this is the case, you will need to create separate guest accounts for that room so that the customer can be billed for their part. A couple of examples of when you would need this:

  • If 2 adults stay in the same room but each want their own bill for their half of the room costs.
  • If a couple are staying for a week and their daughter comes to stay with them in the same room for only 2 nights.


  1. In the Finance tab or Finance summary, select the Payments option.
  2. Add the first individual payment as normal.
  3. Print a Payment receipt if required.
  4. Select the New button and add in the next payment.
  5. Print a Payment receipt if required.
  6. Continue until all payments have been entered and click the Exit button.

Tip - As each payment is added and saved, iBex will notify you of a Financial summary of the booking so that you can view the new outstanding amount due. You can add payments to a booking at any time - multiple payments do not need to be all added at the same time.