You can group your room types with marketing names that reflect the type of room they are. For example, your Dorm Rooms can now be labelled as “Beds”, and Camp Sites can now be labelled as “Sites”. Previously all were labelled, as “Rooms”.

This is applied to the Cart section of the booking process, so your customers can correctly choose the number of sites / dorms they require (instead of rooms).


To set up Room Type Marketing Groups in your account, you will firstly need to have the option enabled in your iBex account. Please click here to learn about adding/removing add-on features in your iBex account. (Link to

Once enabled, you can proceed to Search Room Types (under the Room Types heading in the menu). You will see a Marketing Groups tab. From here, you can set up group names based on the types of rooms you sell.


You will then need to go into each applicable room type to add them on the Details page, and Save Room Type.
If left blank, iBex will use ‘Rooms’ by default.