Update availability to sales channels

In some instances, iBex will not automatically send updates to the online sales channels that your account is connected to so you must manually force iBex to send the update. Instances include:

In these circumstances follow the instructions below to force a re-synch/update to a channel.


Step Action
1 From left menu select Sales Channels > Search sales channel
2 At connected channels grid, click ID of required Sales Channel. 
In the example below bookcom will be selected.
Sales Channel List
3 Click Channel Mapping tab. See example image below. 
Resynchronise availability to sales channels
4 Click Save & Update Channel button
5 Wait a few minutes and click the View Log button (bottom left corner).
View Log
When you make a change in iBex, the update is sent to the channel instantly. However queues can build up at sales channels which may cause delays in their processing of updates.Consider adding a safety buffer through setting an on request threshold.
6 If you have performed the connection successfully you will see OK messages for inventory and rates. 


To repeat for further sales channels, select another sales channel at Jump To selector (see sample screen image below) and repeat step 4. 
Resynchronise availability to sales channels

Step Action
1 From left menu select Users & Clients > Agent room rate mapping
2 Remote Service Control Panel pop up screen will display. From Available Services field, select an active agent (marked with '+').
3 Check box titled Re-Synch On Save (bottom left of screen)
4 Click Save button
5 Repeat steps 2 to 4 for remaining active agents.