‚ÄčThis report is designed to provide information on how many bookings are repeat bookings over a given period based on 3 sources which are:

  • Channel - bookings sourced from sales channels
  • Website - bookings sourced from your own website
  • Self - bookings made internally on your PMS

The intention is to provide useful information to assist you in being able to reduce the number of repeat bookings from sales channels.


To activate the report, click on the Repeat Bookings option in the Report menu group and it will open the Repeat Booking Source Comparison report screen as per the example below:

In this example, over the period from January to May, there have been a total of 159 repeat bookings made via sales channels, 122 made via self or back end bookings and 46 made via your website. In this example, more people are making repeat bookings via sales channels than direct which of course is costing commission charges.

You can view the details of these repeat bookings by selecting the Detailed Type option. Also to reduce the detail that is listed, you can limit the source to one source. In the next example we will choose a detailed report website bookings as shown below (using another account).

In this screen, you can see that there have been 2 bookings under blair@seekom.com with the last booking being 3011. Under the email steffen@seekom.com there have been 3 bookings but each with a different name.

You can view the details of the last booking by clicking on the booking number.

Either the summary or detailed report can be exported to a file by clicking the Export button. The file will contain the same records as displayed on the screen.