When refunding a customer, you must add a negative payment to the booking and not amend or delete a previous payment as your reporting would not then reflect the true monies taken for any given day.

Refunding is the same as adding a new payment, it just needs to be a negative amount.


If you use a payment gateway (such as DPS, PayPal,etc), the instructions for entering credit card payments are slightly different so please refer to these instructions.

  1. Follow instructions on how to add a payment to the booking.
  2. In the Payment Amount field, add a negative prefix to the amount (for example -63 as shown below).
  3. Add comments and Save.

The refund will now appear highlighted in yellow at the top of the screen (see image below).


Tip - When cancelling a booking, any payments which are on the booking will remain on the booking so the booking will then have a credit.

It is recommended to cancel the booking and then process any cancellation charges or refunds as necessary before emailing the customer.