As well as customising the menu bar to suit you, there are other preferences that you can set within your system...

  • What screen shows when you log in
  • Screen options for how your Bookings Calendar looks (PMS users only)
  • What fields are shown on the Quick New Booking pop up (PMS users only)
  • Screen preferences and Screen Options on other screens

Please select a tab below to see how you can personalise your account:

You can set which screen is shown when you first log in by setting it in the My Account option (in the Users section in your menu) once you've logged in.

Users1User preferences





Tip - This can be overridden if you save a different screen as a bookmark in your browser on your computer/laptop.

When you log into your iBex system, simply go to the screen that you want to appear when you first log in and then bookmark it in your browser. Different browsers have different instructions on how to save a bookmark (which you can see below by clicking on the browser that you use) but it is generally a case of clicking (or double clicking) on a star that is shown at the end of the URL address bar.

We recommend adding it to the Bookmarks bar or Favourites bar so that it shows whenever you open the browser ensuring the easiest access to your iBex system.

Tips: One advantage of using your browser to bookmark your preference is that you can have more than one. You can bookmark on any screen that you want allowing you to have different screens as different bookmarks. Whenever you need to log in, simply click on the bookmark for the screen that you want to work on and then log in and that screen will appear.

There are several different screen options for your Booking Calendar and your other screens.

Please note that all Screen options are set according to each user so any staff member with their own log in can set their own preferences. You can change your Screen Options back and forth to see which suits you so please feel free to explore all options as you can always change it back again.

You can change these by clicking the Screen Options tab when on the screen you want to set them for …

booking calendar with events row paint

Once you select the Screen Options tab on the Bookings Calendar screen, the following options can be set/amended ...

  • Header Row Repeat - This setting will repeat the Date row according to whatever number of rows you enter.
  • Events & Closures row - As shown in the screenshot above, this add's an events row where you can add/remove events so that you are aware if anything is happening on the dates that you are looking at.
    Tip - You can also add notes for your staff to remind them of special rates or surcharges that they must include for bookings during that period.
  • Move Bookings Confirm - This is used as a safety net so that if you drag a booking to a different room (or modify the dates), iBex will ask you to confirm the change before making it.
  • See-through booking bars - The date lines for each day can either be shown over a booking or not.
  • Quick New Booking Fields - You can select which options you want to appear on the Quick New Booking pop up. Even if selected, they will not be mandatory fields.
    Please select the Quick New Booking tab above for more details.
  • Quick New Booking Settings Options - iBex automatically populates the number of occupants in the Quick New Booking form which can be disabled if you do not find it useful. You can also switch the order in which the Lead Guest and the Room tab are shown on the form.
    Please select the Quick New Booking tab above for more details.
  • Group Units by Unit Type - If selected, this will re-arrange the Bookings Calendar so that all the units will be grouped within their Unit Type. Each Unit Type can then be collapsed or opened on the Calendar by clicking on the Unit Type name.
  • Time-Based Bookings View - You can select how you want bookings to appear in your Bookings Calendar - please see the examples below...
  • Sales Channel / Agent / Company - Choose whether or not to split sales channels agents and companies into their own groups in the select box (when making a Quick New Booking, or New Full Booking)
  • Swap Today For Yesterday - choose whether to show the yesterday or tdauy button

  • Invoiced Bookings - Choose whether to display invoiced bookings that are not paid in White
    Alternatively choose to show invoiced bookings as fully paid.
  • Bookings bar Label - Choose what shows on the bookings bar on your Bookings calendar - First Name; Last Name; Room Name; Guest Name. Options can be ticked/de-ticked, and also drag and dropped to rearrange order.
  • Mandatory Extras Warning - If you have any mandatory extras in your account, iBex will alert you when you're adding a new booking to your account. This can be switched off here.

Your Bookings Calendar view options...

The Time based view shows each reservation from their estimated time of arrival to their estimated time of departure…

Time Based

The Date based view shows the dates of stay of each reservation…

Date Based view

You can personalise your Quick New Booking function in 2 ways...

  1. By deciding what information you want from the guest and add the necessary fields to the Guest tab on the Quick New Booking form (as shown below).
  2. By Disabling Room Occupancy Auto Fill which automatically populates the number of guests occupying the unit that you're booking (see the Note below for more information on how this works), and setting which section in the form is displayed first (either the Guest Details or the Room tab).

Quick New Booking screen options

The options that you select in your Screen Options will show on your Quick New Booking pop up screen...

Quick New Booking options 2

This can be amended in the Screen Options tab when on the Bookings Calendar screen.

  1. No Guest detail field is mandatory when making a booking.
  2. The number of occupants automatically entered by iBex works the same as a suggested rate where you can override it if it's incorrect by using the up/down arrows on the spinner tool or by clicking on the field and typing the new number.
    The number suggested is calculated from the maximum number of occupants included in the base rate that is offered (unless the room type or unit has a lower maximum occupancy). Please note that the suggested number is not updated by iBex when you change the room type or rate - it only works for the original rate selected.
  3. Room Types and Rates that are first offered on the form follow the Room Type Order and the Rate Order that is set within your account.

There are many different screen options throughout your iBex system which are accessed by going into the Screen Options tab when on that screen. If your screen options are set as required, it will save you a great deal of time as you will not need to keep changing it each time you go to that screen.


The Screen Options for one screen will be different to the Screen Options on another so feel free to try any of the options out as they can easily be changed according to what you set.

Please note that all Screen options are set according to each user so any staff member with their own log in can set their own preferences. Screen Options can be changed at any time so please feel free to explore all options as you can always change it back again.

A great example for setting your preferences in the Screen Options is for your Bookings List screen. You can choose what filters you want to search for your bookings by as a default.

Many users set Vehicle Registration as a default so that when they see a car pull up, they can enter it in the Search field and instantly see who is arriving (as long as that car registration is in the booking details). A great way to build rapport with your customers and another great way to ensure that vehicles on your property should be there!

Most options are self explanatory but if you require further assistance just hover your mouse over the options as descriptive help will be there to guide you.