Our iBex Online Plus plan includes:

  1. Instant confirmation booking screens for your own website (providing you with commission free bookings), and
  2. A Channel Manager (connecting you to multiple online travel sites like Wotif, Expedia, etc)

You can personalise your booking screen to suit your needs (such as how it's presented, what details are required on your booking form, etc) and use multiple tools to help your online customers get to the booking stage (such as Book Now buttons, last minute availability calenders, etc).

The iBex Channel Manager helps you control and manage any online sales channels that you wish to use by giving you a focal point where you can control both your rates and availability for them.

Please see the Channel Manager overview for more details.

All prices and room availability for both your own booking screen and any sales channels connected to your Channel Manager are set and controlled through your iBex account (unless connected to an external PMS which controls this for you). As availability or prices change, iBex will automatically update both your public booking screen and the sales channels with real time availability and pricing.

In regards to your booking screen, iBex provides you with 4 sell modes which you can use:

  • Instant Confirmation - allows bookings to be made with instant confirmation,
  • On Request basis - allows customers to request a booking so that you can choose to accept or reject the booking,
  • Stop Sell - which will make the room types unavailable for online bookings,
  • Enquiry only - where customer's will fill out an enquiry form for your response.

Not only can you sell your rooms on your booking screen but also additional add on's such as tours, food & beverage, and any other options to help maximise your revenue.

If you would like more information, please see our website.

We also provide websites which are integrated into your iBex account which means that they are automatically updated by any changes you make in your PMS account (such as photo's, descriptions, offers, etc). This makes website management far easier so if you would like more information please visit cmswebsite2go.com.