Your availability is controlled in your property management system (whether iBex PMS or an external PMS connected to your iBex account).

The instructions below are only for Online Plus and Channel Manager users who do not have an external PMS connected to their iBex system.

You can manually change the availability for a specific date or date range and have 2 modes to choose from depending on whether your change is for a short period (for example, a specific date or weekend) or an extended duration (longer than a week) - any option activated is highlighted green.

Availability and Sell Method

When the Availability & Sell Method - Long Term option is activated, you can click on any cell in the calendar to update either the availability or the sell method as the pop up that appears allows you to chose what you want to do - set the sell method, or set the availability. Just select the option you need:

Some useful Tips:

If the date is not showing on screen, just use the scroll bars on the date line or select the date in the mini calendar on the right hand side.

If you hover over the room type's iBex name in the calendar, iBex will provide a summary of that room types maximum allocation and if there is an On Request or Lead Time Threshold set. If there is and you want to change it, just click on the iBex room name and it will take you to that room type's settings. You can then amend these settings in the Advanced Rules section of the Details tab. Once updated, you can amend the sell method for this room type by going into the Availability tab or by selecting View Availability option in the menu again.

If a room type has an On Request or Lead Time Threshold set and you hover over any cell that is affected by the threshold, iBex will advise you of the setting so that you can amend if required.

  1. Select the Availability & Sell Method - Long Term option.
  2. Click on any cell that represents the room type and date that you want to set and a pop up will appear (see below).

  3. Click the Set Availability option in the pop up so that it is highlighted green (as shown in the above screenshot).
  4. Select the room type(s) that you are making the change for.
  5. Enter the date range as required.
  6. Enter the availability.
  7. Click the Set Availability button.

iBex will confirm that the availability has been updated.

  1. Select the Availability - Short Term option.
  2. Click on the cell that represents the date and room type that you want to amend.
  3. Update the number of rooms that you have available.
  4. Click Save.

iBex will confirm that the availability has been updated.