When Exporting your Bookings List, extra information from the booking will be included in the export.

This includes:

  • booking reference number
  • property  name
  • date the booking made
  • arrival and departure date
  • number of nights
  • customer id number
  • customer first and last name
  • customer street name, city and country
  • customer phone number
  • customer email address
  • customer postal address
  • vehicle registration
  • status of the booking
  • date when a booking was cancelled
  • customer balance
  • who the booking was made by
  • number of Guests (pax)
  • room amount
  • extras amount
  • total amount of the booking
  • payment amount
  • invoice amount
  • customer comments
  • booking notes
  • balance amount of the booking
  • whether the customer has opted in to receive your newsletter.

This will improve any email marketing that you currently undertake (you will need an email marketing system such as Mailchimp).

You will now be able to target a particular market more easily by filtering your bookings list, and Exporting. You can then import the CSV file into a spreadsheet, and use this information to set up a marketing email.

For instance this would be helpful if you are wanting to send out an email marketing campaign for all your guests who have booked through channels, to encourage them to book through your own website for their next stay.



1. Go to Retrieve & Search Bookings, and use the Filter option to filter your bookings list by the appropriate group you are wanting to target.

2. Click on the Export button.

3. A pop up window will appear where you can choose to have Unit and Room type information included in the export as shown below.

Export Bookings

4. Click on the orange “Export” button for the information to be exported into a spreadsheet