You can disable and then delete a sales channel from iBex Channel Manager at any stage.

Disabling a sales channel means that you will not be able to use it for any new bookings and there will no longer be a connection between the systems so your Channel Manager will no longer be able to receive information about bookings (existing and new).

Deleting a sales channel will remove the sales channel from your account completely.

  1. When you disable a sales channel, iBex will send them an update to remove all available rooms from sale in the sales channel account. If you want to delete the sales channel from your account it is imperative that you do not delete it until this update has finished - see below for further information.
  2. Once disabled, you must advise the sales channel directly that iBex Channel Manager is no longer updating them with rates and availability so that any amendments, cancellations to any existing bookings will be emailed or faxed directly to you.


You must first disable a connection with a sales channel before you can delete it from your channel manager account.

  • Select Search Sales Channels under the Channel Management heading in the menu (in the Settings section).
  • Go to the sales channel's settings by clicking on their ID in your sales channel list.
  • In the Channel Mapping tab, select Stop Sell All & Disable.
  • iBex will then ask you to confirm that you want it disabled - select Confirm & Continue.

Once disabled, iBex will send an update to the sales channel removing all available rooms from sale in your sales channel account.

Do not delete the sales channel from your system until this update has been completed. To check - go into the Channel Mapping tab and click the View Log button. If there are no updates queued and the last update was OK status then you can delete the Sales channel from your account.

  • To delete the sales channel (if there are no updates queued), you can then select the Delete button.