Direct Debit Payment

If your local currency is AUD, GBP, NZD or USD then we can provide account direct debit as a payment option for you.

If your local currency is other than one of these we also provide a link to payment by credit card on our invoices (open the invoice online to view and access payment links).

Our direct debit provider is GoCardless who works with over 50,000 businesses globally, including Sage, Xero, TripAdvisor and more.

When you sign up for recurring payment by direct debit (assuming monthly payment cycle) a 3% discount on base system lease will be applied to invoices while the authority remains in place. Payment for invoices will be automatically processed on due date until the authority is revoked by you.

If we have not responded to your direct debit sign up authority within 2 business days it is probably due to the name on the authority not matching your billing name with us. In this situation please email us so we can look up and match your authority to your Seekom account.