Custom Fields is a new enhancement that allows operators to collect additional information from their guests.

They can be collected for a specific room type or against the customer database, for both the front-end booking screen and a backend booking.

Different types of fields can be created, from simple text fields to complicated select boxes. The fields can be configured to show in different areas of iBex (from the backend bookings, to the room servicing report and more).

This feature is driven by a PMS option called 'Custom Fields Advance'. Accounts will be required to have this option activated and the 'New Rooms Tab' for any of these described features to be available.

iBex Backend

Custom Fields Management and Setup

You will need to have the PMS option ‘Custom Fields Advance’ and 'New Rooms Tab' activated in your account. This will then allow you to set up your own custom fields and set whether they are a room type field or a customer database type field, and what screens they are to appear on (front booking screen, backend bookings, a particular report etc).

Backend Viewing / Using Custom Fields

FBS Using Custom Fields