When you cancel a booking, all values on the booking will change to 'zero' so any monies that have already been added to the booking will remain on the booking and show that booking as being in credit.

After the booking has been cancelled, you can add a Cancellation fee as an extra.

You must register the cancellation fee extra in your account before you can add it to a booking.

Once the fee has been added the booking may/may not balance the booking (depending on the charge), so you may need to do a refund before emailing the booking summary or providing your guest with a receipt or invoice (if necessary).


  1. When cancelling the booking, do not amend any payments or select an auto email to be sent.
  2. Once the booking has been cancelled, go to the Extra's tab.
  3. Add the extra that the cancellation fee is assigned to.
  4. Amend the value to charge as the fee if necessary.
  5. Select Save Extra.

If the amount of the cancellation fee is the same amount as what was originally paid, the Booking Balance will now be zero.

If the booking still has a credit, you will need to refund the booking or transfer the balance to the customer account.

Once completed, it is recommended that you check the Booking Receipt (in the Finance tab of the booking) and if the booking is as required, you can send an email with the Booking Receipt as an attachment with one of your email templates (if you have one created).